Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Goodbye ERAU & Hello RIT

Well after an emotional writeup in my last entry, I thought I would add another events that has or I should say is taking place. I am returning to the glorious brick city, aka, Rochester Institute of Technology! Yes, I am excited to be enrolling into the university once again. Embry-Riddle and the wonderful Florida atmosphere treated me well, but it just doesn't hold the same educational expectations that RIT offers. From an aerospace engineering standpoint, certainly Embry-Riddle does uphold those expectations, but not in the realm of computing and software engineering. 

The experience and opportunity though has been nonetheless satisfying. I explored a route which I thought would lead me to my career dreams, but found my true strengths, which has always lied in computers and technology, will  lead me to a career in the space industry as well. However, the colleagues I have met along the way will be irreplaceable. Sure, I will return to RIT and network with even more people, but my friends at Embry-Riddle had a deep fascination and passion for aircraft and spacecraft. It truly was a different world down there. Journeying and studying along side of them has been a great opportunity and it will be missed.

But... a new chapter unfolds. After writing my previous posting, it dawned upon me on how much I have blogged about space with merely no content about my progression, setbacks, and accomplishments. I would like to get back on track with the projects I am involved with and the things I do outside of school that are building my repertoire and aiding in the pursuit of my dreams and career goals. Perhaps this is a rejuvenation stage for me, to get me back on track. Which reminds me I will have to change my summary information on this site and it will remain static as I am locked in to RIT for the next two years.

More to say in the upcoming days, but until then, see you out there!

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