Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Quarter: Looking Forward

I guess I forget that I have a blog of randomness on the internet. Or perhaps it may be the lack of motivation and creativity that deters me from writing any new entries. Nonetheless, I figured it was time for me to jot something down.

I had one hell of a winter quarter at RIT and I concluded it with a 4.0 and three co-op offers, two from Boeing, and the other one from Hamilton Sundstrand! You could say I am feeling very triumphant, which I am, but also feeling very anxious. I accepted my offer with Hamilton where I will be heading out to Nebraska come this summer for a double block (6 month co-op) working as a computer/software engineer.

"Nebraska? Wait, did you just say Nebraska? What in the world is out in Nebraska? " These seem to be the popular phrases amongst family, friends, and colleagues when I tell them I am heading out west. So, yes, Nebraska, that is indeed what I said. And what is out there you may ask? Why it is where the foundation of my career lies.

While I am very proud of my accomplishments thus far, I still am very nervous to say the least. Most people think I am concerned with how far I will be living away from home, but this is certainly not the case. Let us not forget I was down in Florida on my own for almost two years. Heck, I should not be even remotely concerned about distance away from home. If I was, I should probably rule out a career as an astronaut. I cannot be too concerned on distance from home when our Moon is the closest celestial object that is some 240,000 miles away.

No, I rather think my anxiety stems from the worries I have about my chosen career. This will be my first time out in the "real-world",  doing work that actually pertains to my major. Some people have told me no matter what happens, whether you end up loving it or hating the co-op, its at least a job and valuable experience. Experience? Sure I will go with that, no doubt. Job? No, it's not a job. This is a possible start to my profession. I hate classifying an occupation as just a job. I want a career, one that I can wake up exited for in the morning. You probably heard the saying before, if you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life.

85% of all my anxiety is stemming from just this simple phrase. I am beyond anxious to get underway, start problem solving, get my hands dirty, learn, show-off a bit of my talents, but most of all, I want to have fun and enjoy the experience.

As for the other 15%, that can all be placed in a category called "My Future". I think everyone from time to time ponders about what will become of their future. For me, it's never really been about fulfilling my dream of being an astronaut. Not everyone reaches that end goal that they have thought up in their head. We cannot all be the next celebrity actor/actress, the next singing sensation, the next prestigious athlete, or the next famous mathematician or scientist. Trying to become an astronaut is just one out of many goals that I have chosen to pursue. However, I believe it is one which will make me be all I can possibly be.

I do not know how much my parents understand how much I wish to make them proud. Sure, they have already told me how pleased they are with my performance. Yet, I do not think I can ever possibly make them as proud as I am of them. I see it as being impossible. There is no amount of money, no amount of "stuff", that I can give back to them to show my appreciation. The only thing I can do is show them I am trying my damnedest in pursuing a passion that I so deeply believe in.

I do not know if I ever expressed how emotional of a man I am; I've been teary eyed since the beginning of this entry which is mostly due to the video I watched below. I encourage you to do the same and listen to a very powerful argument that is being stated here.

I believe in space exploration. I believe in exploring our planet, exploring the Moon, Mars, and beyond. I can certainly vouch that NASA and it affiliates do instill dreams in the minds of young people. However, I will spare myself from straying off topic and causing another rant...

I know my entries are usually choppy, sometimes completely abrupt and random, but my mind is constantly thinking. I do not give it the time of day to relax other than when I sleep. But even then sometimes my sleep can be interrupted when my mind is filled with ambitious dreams and challenges.

Anyhow, I will be off to Nebraska soon! Only my spring quarter remains until I make the 20 hour trip! Unfortunately, the town of York has no beaches, no palm trees, and no Cape Canaveral. But that is quite alright for now, I still have a additional co-ops to fulfill in the near future.

I leave you with all my best and as Story Musgrave once said to me, I will climb any mountain. Until then, see you there.


  1. From Larry

    Hey Stephen it Larry once again, glad to see your writing more. Thanks for your last comment about my rejection from embry riddle. I am beginning to see that sometime no matter how since I am, I have to be careful of the information I give. No matter that behind me. Like you I’m awaiting information to jump start my career I’m waiting to here about a scholarship for flight school. I have to stay hopefully no matter the outcome; I am an FAA aviation certificated Ground instructor and I work part-time at aviation college helping student pass their FAA written exam and stay motivated. Some day I like achieve certified flight instructor, and continue to help people realize their dream.

    As I you stated you have accomplished a lot especially academically. I mean a 4.0 is something to be proud about especially in the field of computer technology. I check that Hamilton Sundstrand program it look pretty neat guy, it may be the company you need to launch you where you need to go
    You have that strive to succeed and you are determine to see the task all the way through, I kept up with you journal since EB- R. I‘m sure you can make it and become Astronaut. Like I tell my flight students, KEEP the FOCUS. While you’re young finish all you strive for and let know one stand in your way…but heck you know that by now. My concern is not will be an astronaut there no question about that the real question is will we still have a manned space program, which I am thank you for posting the neil de Grasse Tyson Video anyway I said too much keep up the good work guy hope to here from more often

  2. Hello Larry! Thank you for your comments. The keyword for you, actually, for both of us, is perseverance. No matter how many times you are denied the ability to do something, or the number of times you repeatedly fail in your performance, you get back up and you try again.

    We don't always get what we request, nor are we always fortunate in getting the opportunities we think we deserve. All we can do is persevere, keep pushing ourselves to that next level, and hopefully we reach the summit.

    Thank you for continuing to read my blog.

    See you out there!
    - Stephan

  3. hey Stephan it's Larry it been a long time since your last entry i hope every thing OK and yum had a good semester.
    i hope your internships came out OK. and last i hope guy you didn't shut down this site take care